What We Learned From 2 Services

On Sunday, April 5th, a day known to many as Easter 2015, we experimented with something that I was extremely nervous about: 2 services on a Sunday morning.  This endeavor is something that we have been thinking about, praying about and working towards for several years as we have been growing.  I was still nervous!  What happens if no one shows up to the 1st service?  What if we don’t have enough volunteers to do this well?  Will people show up at 7 am in order to be ready for an 8:30 service?  All of these questions were swirling around in my head.

Thankfully I was reminded over and over of Jesus’ words to us: John 14 12

So..we did it, we took the plunge and experimented with 2 services on Easter knowing that last year we were 5 parking spots away from being full!  How did things go?  Well, in a word, they went great.  But along the way we learned a few lessons and here are some thoughts in the wake of our great “2 service” experiment:

  1. Our volunteers are my heroes – I was totally amazed and overjoyed by the involvement and the investment of the people here at Oak Grove.  Not only did you pray, invest and invite but you also showed up early, helped clean, set up and held doors for others who are new to Oak Grove.  We had people here at 6 am on Sunday morning and we had volunteers here on Saturday night preparing for the opportunities ahead.  So…Oak Grove volunteers, you are my heroes!
  2. Attend One, Serve One helps us – The fact that you can attend a service and then serve during a second service really helped us on Easter.  No one should miss Easter and everyone should be able to be with the people that they invited.  Having two services helps us with that.  If you serve in the nursery, Power Up or any other ministry during the first service, now you can attend the second service!  This is great!
  3. Some people like an earlier service…even one that starts at 8:30!  This fact totally surprised me.  I did not think that people would attend the early service but we had over 120 people just in the first service and many of them thanked me for having an earlier service.  For some it was helpful to their work schedule.  For some it helped them with family plans.  Whatever the reason, some people enjoy the earlier service!
  4. 2 services multiplies our impact – Having two services allows us to double the impact of one service that takes many hours to prepare.  Every week there are literally hundreds of hours that go into preparing a service so that we can teach, lead and inspire people to love and follow Jesus!  When we utilize two services full-time we will be multiplying the impact that we can have on our community and this is a good thing.
  5. We can do this when God opens the door – The last observation that I had is this: when we need to, we can do this full-time and we will be able to do it well because so many have caught God’s vision for the church: to make more and better followers of Christ.  Will there be challenges, yes!  But Easter showed that we can do it.

Thank you all for your participation and for believing that God is going to use us to do the same works that Christ did and also even more!

What We Learned From 2 Services

2 thoughts on “What We Learned From 2 Services

  1. Lou Ann Potter says:

    I enjoyed the early service was great wish I could have stayed for 2 service, but by having the early service I was able to visit someone who I would have not been able to without the early service. Thank you God and oak Grove for the best easter I could of ever had.


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