Why I LOVE Being A Dad!

boysTonight I enjoyed again one of the greatest privileges of my life: standing in my boys room as they were both peacefully sleeping and praying for them.  Years ago, when my oldest child was born I developed a habbit of walking into his room while he was sleeping just to check on him before I went to bed.  While I was in there I was often overwhelmed with an incredible sense of the privilege that I had to be his dad and it made me cry out to God for him.  Since then, I have continued the practice, not every night, but on a regular basis.  Once again, I stand here tonight and I am reminded of why I love being a dad.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I don’t love being a dad, but I promise you I would never trade it and here is why:

  • I love being a dad because it keeps me humble!  Whenever I see how much my children are learning every single day I am reminded how much I need the help of our great God and the help of other people in order to point them in the right direction.  I am so thankful for the amazing people at our church who reinforce what we teach our children at home.  I am so thankful for the amazing teachers in our oldest son’s school who selflessly pour into the children (and it’s a public school).  But most of all, today I realize how much I need God’s help in shaping and molding the hearts of my children.  All of this shows me just how small I really am and just how much I need help.
  • I love being a dad because it shows me that some things are bigger than me!  When I spend time with my three children I am quickly reminded that the biggest thing that I do everyday often involves sharing with them.  They have way more potential than I do.  They have a huge ability to impact others, a wide open life ahead of them and many, many decisions to make.  This reality is much bigger than me and the potential that they have is much greater than me…I love it!
  • I love being a dad because it shows me that some of the things that I think are big…really aren’t.  Being able to come home at night and to see the amazing faces of my three children helps to put things in perspective.  After a day of working through difficulties, putting out fires and investing in people, there is nothing better than coming home to three children who run into your arms (or two and one who is carried there :-)).  Seeing their faces reminds me that people, especially the people that God has placed in my care are the most important things in the world.
  • I love being a dad because it’s a privilege to invest in others.  The fact that God would entrust these three little, impressionable children to my wife and me is an incredible responsibility and privilege.  I love seeing my kids learn how to be gracious, be kind and how to care about others.  These are some of the most important things that I will ever do.  Teaching them about Jesus and seeing them grasp it, these are the most important “sermons” I will ever deliver.  This is why I love being a dad.  So, when I am tempted to grow tired of being a dad, I want to remind myself of why I love being a dad!

How about you?  Are you a parent?  If so, what are your reasons for loving being a parent?  Let me know with your comments.

Why I LOVE Being A Dad!

4 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Being A Dad!

  1. Deanna (Dee) says:

    As you know, my oldest of 10 was married on Saturday. (Thanks for officiating :). I LOVE being a mom. Watching my children grow, accept Christ into their lives, go through the hard times and the great times makes being a mom worth it! I would love to go through life without the hard times in their lives, but just like us as adults, it is what molds them and makes them who they are. I could not have been more proud than I was on Saturday. Seeing all my children, son in laws, and grandchildren together. Seeing and listening to the talents God gave them. Watching another child committing their marriage to the Lord. I miss the days when they were little, the time went by way too fast, however, I love the adult relationships as well. Having a child call you up and ask your advice, confide in you, and even once in a great while tell you that you were right 🙂 is such a blessing and warms my heart. Outside of Christ dying for me and bringing me a godly husband, being a parent is the greatest gift God has given me on this earth. I love being a mom, and now grandma!!


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