Grace Changes Everything!

Grace changes everythingI am reading again, for the second time, one of the most formational books that I have ever read: The Grace Awakening by Charles Swindoll.  If you haven’t read this book, let me encourage you to consider reading it.  While reading, this particular quote grabbed my attention:

There are many joys of being liberated that some of you have never known because you haven’t given yourself permission to operate under grace.  I don’t mean this to sound insulting, but I am convinced that some Christians would be terrified if they were completely on their own.  Because they have been told what to do for so many years, freedom is frightening.  There are people who want to be told what to do and when… how to believe and why.  And the result is tragic – perpetual adolescence. Without being trusted, without being freed, maturity never happens.  You never learn to think on your own.  

Perpetual adolescence!  What a great description.  May we recognize that the Spirit of God can and will guide us in areas that aren’t clear to develop our own convictions, and in so doing,teach us to think.  My hope is that we would know grace and the freedom found in it.

Grace Changes Everything!

3 thoughts on “Grace Changes Everything!

  1. Jen Dickinson says:

    I love this thought! I think that some of us may even feel intimidated or fearful to ask the questions about scripture that are confusing to us. To me part of being free is to read scripture for ourselves and explore it:-)


  2. jamiesth says:

    I also think sometimes so many of us get debilitated by things, too, when the Spirit is calling us to something. There are some things in life that we feel aren’t very Christiany to do (like kindly calling someone out on a sin or being angry) and yet they are quite alright. There are other decisions we may be called to do that are so bitterly difficult we can’t even believe the Spirit is leading us that way. We are given much grace and forgiveness to mess up in life. Just because we are Christian doesn’t mean we are perfect and it is quite alright to mess up… if our Father is a better and more loving parent than we could even dream about being, then even if there will be reprimand, there still will be much forgiveness and love.


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