Humility or Truth? Can we have both?

I am in the middle of some of the deepest studying that I have done in a long time in preparation for talking about some very sensitive subjects.  Most of my study has been deeply gratifying, however some of it has led me to grieving.  The grieving has come whenever I have been confronted with a person who holds the same truths that I do and yet inappropriately attacks and abuses those who have (at least for now) arrived at a different conclusion.  This got me thinking and reminded me of a book that I read years ago called: Humble OrthodoxyHolding the truth high without putting people down.  I re-read that book this week and here are a few of the key thoughts that were extremely helpful to me:

Humble orthodoxy

When it comes to truth – that is not about you and me – the truth is not my truth, it’s not our truth; it comes from God.  However, we can and should be certain and humble at the same time.  People can and should expect us to be kind. – Joshua Harris

For this simple reason: Christians believe that they understand truth only because God has revealed it to them.  In other words, Christians are humble because their understanding of truth is not based on their own intelligence, their own research, their own acumen.  Rather, it is 100% dependent on the grace of God.  Christian knowledge is a dependent knowledge.  And that leads to humility.  This obviously doesn’t mean all Christians are personally humble.  But, it does mean they should be, and have adequate grounds to be.”  – New Testament Professor – Michael Kruger

The message of Christianity isn’t that I’m right and someone else is wrong.  It’s that I am wrong and yet God is filled with grace.  I am wrong and yet God has made a way for me to be forgiven and accepted and loved for eternity.  I am wrong, and yet God gave his Son, Jesus, to die in my place and receive my punishment.  I am wrong, but through faith in Jesus, I can be made right before a holy God. – Joshua Harris

Each of these statements contains within it a reminder that there is certainly truth and that truth comes from God, however as recipients of that truth, we shouldn’t think any higher of ourselves, but instead higher of God!  We shouldn’t be a people who compare others to ourselves, but instead recognize that just like everyone else we are desperately in need of grace.  This only leaves one attitude: HUMILITY!

Let me leave you with this thought: Don’t measure yourself by what you know.  Measure yourself by your practice of what you know.

Humility or Truth? Can we have both?

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