God and Sexuality

Recently I have been doing a significant amount of studying concerning God, His Word and sexuality.  All of this studying has lead me through several books, at least a dozen articles and many stories of real-life people fighting battles – some they win and some they don’t.  Through my studies I have found these stories to be incredibly compelling and even very familiar.  Here’s what I mean: my particular sin struggles haven’t been the same, however I can totally identify with struggling with things that control and begin to gradually disintegrate our lives.

One of the stories that I came across was in this article and I would highly recommend it.  It will probably offend you no matter where you stand on this discussion, however it is a story of grace and because of that, I love it!  While the whole article was beneficial, this particular portion stood out to me:

My desire to be made straight was all about me. I had no interest in being reconciled to God or having a relationship with Christ.

Which brings me to by second point. From what I see in the Bible, God is far more concerned with first fixing our hearts than he is with fixing other things in our lives.

Check out the article in it’s entirety here:


God and Sexuality

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