Singleness and Hope

This past weekend we began talking about singleness and sexuality.  Singleness is a subject that I’ve not often hear addressed in the context of the church, however the New Testament does have quite a bit to say about it.  Singleness is also a subject that I hear talked about quite a bit outside of the realm of what the Bible says, but really about how “I feel about my singleness”.  Now, I am not single and I don’t pretend to be an expert on this, however Paul, one of the main writers of the New Testament devotes almost an entire chapter to singleness and sexuality in 1 Corinthians 7.  If you want to hear our whole talk about it, you can listen here:

08-09-15 Title Slide

This morning I came across an article that talked about the hope that is available for those who are unhappily single.  I appreciated what the author had to say.  In particular, this quote I think is full of truth and hope:

We need to anchor our feelings of loneliness and longing in the gospel. If we are in Christ, there’s really nothing single about us. We all know there are intimacies that are — and should be — unique to marriage, but those that matter most really can be experienced in the bride of Christ, his church. A husband or wife may help and provide for you in ways others can’t, but a true, Spirit-filled, persistent, and present brother or sister in faith can care for you in remarkable ways. In Jesus, none are single, no not one.  – Marshall Segal

So, check out the whole article here:

Singleness and Hope

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