That’s Just Weird – Leviticus 18!

This past Sunday we walked through a tough and culturally sensitive subject: “What does the Bible say about homosexuality?”  If you haven’t listened to it, you can listen to it here:

During this talk, we read several passages of the Bible that deal with homosexuality and sexuality in general.  One of those passages was Leviticus 18.  In Leviticus 18 there are many commands dealing with sexuality, and one of those commands has to do with homosexuality.  Leviticus 18 also says: “Do not approach a woman to have sexual relations during the uncleanness of her monthly period.”  Now, you may say, “that’s gross, but I don’t really think it’s sinful or wrong, so how can I say that homosexuality, which is condemned 3 verses later, is sinful or wrong?”.  I think that is a great question.  For me, when I read Leviticus 18 and Leviticus 20:13 there are a couple questions that come up, but the biggest question is this: “Do the Old Testament laws still apply to us today?”.  I addressed that question in the talk on Sunday, but I didn’t really get to address this verse concerning sex with your wife during her period.  If you were questioning this verse, the following video will give you my thoughts on the subject.

Finally, I highly recommend that you be at Oak Grove this weekend to hear the last talk in this series.  We will be talking about “The Church and Homosexuality”. How should we as Christ-followers interact with our culture on this issue?

That’s Just Weird – Leviticus 18!

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