Pray, Invest and Invite – It’s For Kids Too!


The church is described in the Bible using the word “ekklesia”.  The word in its origins means “an assembly of people called out”.  But, why are we called out?  I think that we are “called out to be sent out”.  In Acts 1:8, right before Jesus returns to heaven, he says this to His followers:

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” – Jesus

In other words, the Holy Spirit is like a tornado that pulls us into Christ and then thrusts us right back out to influence others!  Around here, we talk about being sent out to pray, invest and invite and I love the fact that our children are getting in on the fun too!

Earlier this year our children’s ministry: POWER UP, decided to start giving their offering to the purchase of a gift that could be used to give to new children and families who attend Oak Grove.  The purpose was to encourage children to bring their friends and neighbors so that they can hear about Jesus.  The children poured themselves into the project and raised the needed funds and just yesterday their gifts arrived.  Now, because they have decided to Pray, Invest and Invite (Pi2) they have the opportunity to encourage and say thank you to those who attend for the first time.

Now, here is why this is such a big deal.  I honestly don’t care about gifts or anything like that, but I do care about changed lives and when people show up here, Jesus starts changing lives!  Often, he starts working on the kids and then the parents and we all get excited.  I also love it when people who are Christ followers take the Word of God seriously and live it out!  This is a great example of how the children at Oak Grove are becoming and making more and better followers of Christ.  May God continue to open a door for changed lives, young and old alike!

Pray, Invest and Invite – It’s For Kids Too!

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