Why I Love Grace (but especially the grace giver)!

This weekend I will be talking about the why behind the what of Christmas.  I do truly believe that it is the most wonderful time of the year, not because of what is happening in our lives right at this time, but because of what has already happened in the coming of Christ.  But why is God’s presence among us mere mortals such a big deal?  To give a simple answer without giving away a lot of what I will be talking about this weekend I’ll give you one word: GRACE!  Grace is the why behind the what.

Now, today I received a gift that reminded me of the wonderful benefits of grace.  One of the benefits of grace is that I no longer need to be some stuffed up stuffy person who is so focused on earning something or not losing something from God.  In other words, I can take God and His Word very seriously but I don’t have to take myself very seriously.  I can actually enjoy life and enjoy following Christ.  Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.  I actually think that we can have fun and relax because Jesus has provided a removal of our sins through grace.

So…what was the gift that I received you may ask.  Well, it was a shirt with a hilarious saying on it that I occasionally say in speaking engagements just to lighten the mood.  I usually say: You’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself (referring to a line from a song that I definitely don’t recommend, however the line is funny).  Here is the shirt.

check yourself

So, today I am thankful for the freedom and motivation of grace and I am thankful for those crazy people who have decided to take God and His mission very seriously but not take ourselves so seriously, because seriously: Checketh Thyself Lest Ye Wrecketh Thyself!  Also, if you want to see me wear this shirt you can join us this weekend at Oak Grove.  See you then!


Why I Love Grace (but especially the grace giver)!

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