Measuring What Matters – Part 1

Years ago in a seminary classroom, (I’m not actually sure which class) I was challenged with the following words:

When something really matters to you, you measure it.  If you don’t measure it, it doesn’t really matter!

At the time I bristled under those words.  There were a number of things that I thought mattered to me, and likely they did, but they didn’t matter enough for me to intentionally and repetitively do something about it.  After a bit of thought I decided to embrace the statement and begin measuring what really mattered to me.  Since then I have received both criticism and praise on this practice.  However, I am even more convinced today that this axiom holds true.   So, today begins the first of a several part series that I will be writing concerning what really matters to me and what matters to the church where I serve.

2 members of our staff and myself visited another church outside of our state and we heard phrases that sounded like some of our values and so we decided to make them our own.  These phrases became the basis of what we now measure on a weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.  The first phrase is this: Found People Find People!  Let me explain.


Reading the New Testament brings a common theme to light: God is interested in all people knowing and following Him.  Another common theme is that God wants to use us in that process.  Here at Oak Grove we aim to practice and live out these themes by connecting with people who are yet to know Him.  We think that when you are found by Jesus that you begin to find others.  Found people find people.  If you follow this blog or our Facebook page you will soon see a recap of all the people who went public with their faith in 2015.  These stories are so powerful.  However, there are dozens of stories still being written right now.  Thank you for Praying, Investing and Inviting with us and thank you for practicing: Found People Find People!  We measure this because we believe that every number has a name, and every name has a story, and every story matters to God!

Want to know what else we measure at Oak Grove?  Part 2 is coming…

Measuring What Matters – Part 1

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