Changing Our Name – The Vote

Tonight we gathered as a church to make a decision on a very important question: Should we change our name from Oak Grove Baptist Church?  This question is very important largely because of 2 reasons:

  1. This is a decision about our mission.  If we are here to make more and better disciples and our name is hindering people coming here, then shouldn’t we change it?
  2. This is a decision about our future.  If we want to pave the way for the best possible future ministry, we need to look at the difficult questions and make sure that we remove every barrier from the Gospel.

Tonight, the vote passed with an 85% vote to change our name.  I thought that was a great percentage voting for the name change, especially since there are many to whom our name means a great deal.

This vote is significant because it signifies that we as a church are willing to set aside our preferences for the sake of the mission.  It is also significant because I believe that the problem of denominational perceptions in our culture will only get worse.  This choice helps us remove barriers for the Gospel now and in the future.

Now…what is next?  Here are a few things that we will be doing over the next several weeks.

  • Everyone here at Oak Grove will have the opportunity to submit name ideas.  This will be available both online and in person here at the Info Center.
  • After a set time we will take those names and narrow them down – our deacons and staff with do this.
  • Finally we will vote on our new name.

Now, let me leave you with a few thoughts.  First, our mission is not to change our name.  Our mission is to make more and better followers of Jesus.  We must stay focused on that.  Second, thank you to those who have gone before us and sacrificed so much so that we could continue to help reach people for Christ.  Finally…I truly believe that the best is still ahead!

Changing Our Name – The Vote

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