You Have Just Enough Time

This past Sunday we began a brand new series called “Planting Trees” and no it’s not really about trees but about long-term investments in things that matter for eternity.  When you plant a tree, generally it is for the long term effects like shade, fruit and landscape appeal.  The same principle applies to our spiritual lives!

This week we talked about time in a message titled “One Minute At A Time.”  While preparing for this message I read several articles and books related to time.  One article in particular stood out and I wanted to share it with you.

The article was titled “You Have Just Enough Time” and you can see it in it’s original form here.  Here are a few lines that really stood out to me:

Stewarding time is simply hard work. There are helpful tools, but there is no formula. Each person and each calling is unique and it requires our prayerful discernment and the humility of receiving (and seeking) counsel.

What tools seem to work for you?  For me it’s best to start and end each day with a review of what I really need to accomplish.  Before I go to bed I review what I need to work on tomorrow and each morning I check my list so that I can focus on what needs done and…remember.  Yes I struggle with that already.  Utilizing google calendars that are synced with my wife’s really helps too.

For a while I’ve been bothered about not being more directly involved in personal discipleship and evangelistic relationships. But I’ve chalked it up to particular leadership and phase-of-life busyness — too easily, I now believe.

These exact thoughts have gone through my head and it’s so easy to make excuses.  The fact of the matter is that I do what I prioritize, so I need to stop making excuses.

So let us lay aside the weighty sin of morally lazy busyness (Hebrews 12:1) and resolve to stop using it as a badge of self-importance or as an excuse to avoid what we don’t want to do.

Plain and simple: Busy does not equal better!

Anyway, check out the article – and if you are really interested – check out a book by Kevin DeYoung – Crazy Busy!




You Have Just Enough Time

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