Identity Crisis?

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I have!  I love watching the Olympics with my family.  My wife loves the gymnastics.  My boys love the swimming.  I love it all.  This week I haven’t been able to watch much, but what I have seen has been phenomenal.  Yesterday was no different.  I watched Michael Phelps in absolute focus before his prelim swim.  That was great TV.  I also watched an interview with the American dive duo – Boudia and Johnson.  Their statements were absolutely spot on.  Their message needs to resound among Christians and all throughout the world.  Why, you ask?  Because we live in a world with such high pressure and we do life in ways that say: “I am what I accomplish”.  David Boudia said something so true and so helpful that I hope you hear it.  You can check out the interview here:

“I’ve felt an enormous amount of pressure and it’s just an identity crisis.  When my mind is on this (diving) and thinking I’m defined by this then my mind goes crazy.   We have to know that our identity is in Christ.”

Did you catch that?  An Olympic medalist says that he gets wrapped up in the moment and thinks that he is defined by what he does but then remembers He is defined by Christ.  That is so huge!  I believe that many of us struggle with our identity.  You may think you are defined by your past, by your performance, by your failure or even by others.  But if you are in Christ your identity is in Him and there is great peace in that…no matter your performance.  I hope that you will remember that and apply that this week.

What about you?   Where are you tempted to find your identity?

Identity Crisis?

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