Question To Ask When You Read The Bible

This past weekend we talked about protecting our hearts by investing time in studying and applying the Bible.  I will freely admit that there are times when it’s hard to understand the Bible and even harder to apply it/live it out in my life.  But since applying the Bible to my life helps protect me and my heart I’ve decided to work at it.  Over the years I have heard and seen great study techniques that help in my personal study, but the best tool that I have found is to ask questions about the text.  I came across these 7 questions years ago from a friend and they have really helped me.

Studying the Bible

  1. Is there a sin to avoid?  – Did the people involved the text that I read do something that caused great trouble in their lives?  Is there a specific prohibition?  Is there something that would be wise to avoid?
  2. Is there a warning to heed?  – Does this passage have a warning for my relationships?  Work?  Finances?  Children? If so, what do I need to do?
  3. Is there a command to obey?  – Does God says something specific to me or the church that I need to give myself to?
  4. Is there a promise to believe?  – Despite what I am feeling right now or experiencing right now, is there a promise that I truly need to claim and hang on to?
  5. Is there an example to follow?  – Does Joseph’s example with temptation teach me anything?  Does Abraham’s example of faith teach me anything?  Does Paul’s pursuit of those far from God call me to do anything?
  6. Is there a principle to practice?  – Is it true that saved people serve people?  Is it true that found people find people?  Is it true that you can’t out-give God?  If so what do I need to develop as a practice?
  7. Is there something to learn about God?  – Is he patient?  Just?  Will he truly judge sin?  What can I learn about God?

The asking, answering and acting on the answers to these questions helps me dig into God’s Word.  I hope they are helpful to you.  Maybe you have different helps.  If so…what are they?  What works for you?

Question To Ask When You Read The Bible

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