True Lies? – The dangerous game of believing lies over truth.

I’m not good enough!

I’m not smart enough!

I’m not pretty enough or skinny enough!

I’ll never be enough…

I couldn’t do that.  I’m not gifted enough.

All of these statements are sentences that I hear on a regular basis, and I want to let you in on a little secret…they are thoughts that I have myself.  Sure, not every one of them runs through my head but the thoughts/ideas behind them certainly do.  You see there is a common idea that connect each one of those thoughts in all of our heads: My feelings, my thoughts and what other people say about me trump what God says.

My feelings, my thoughts and what other people say about me trump what God says.

Herein lies the problem, the lies.  We begin to believe them.  We begin to orient our lives around them.  So, the girl who struggles with her body image and hears from others that she isn’t enough…the lie begins to lead to a lifestyle of self-destruction through starving or cutting herself.

The athlete who desperately wants to be the best but finds himself/herself lagging behind…they begin to hear – he’s not enough – so he turns to PEDs or to a self-destructive lifestyle because their identity is now gone.

The family man who just wants to provide for his family…he too begins to hear that he isn’t enough.  The neighbors buy a better house, a nicer car and go to the hottest vacation spots, but not him!  If only you were smarter, more skilled and better at what you do, then you could move up.  He begins to believe that he’s not enough so he turns to the only thing that makes him feel “enough” – pornography!  The only problem is that it traps him.

Now, these may not be your stories, but likely it isn’t too different.  I find that we can all get into the comparison game – and no one wins with comparison.  Instead, we need to know just who we are and fight the lies with truth!

Instead, we need to know just who we are and fight the lies with truth!

What if instead we began to believe that we were made just like we are on purpose and God has a great plan just for us?  What if we believe these words:

You have searched me, Lord,
    and you know me.

For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.  (Psalm 139:1, 13-14)

The only way you are going to defeat the lies that threaten to destroy us is to believe the truth more!  Keep fighting.  You’re not alone!

For more information, I highly recommend you check out our recent Identity Theft Series.  You can find each talk here:

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True Lies? – The dangerous game of believing lies over truth.

There Is Something More – Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Purpose!

“The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your happiness…your family or your career. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by his purpose and for his purpose.” – Rick Warren

If you are anything like me…and I think most people for that matter, you’ve wrestled with what you are supposed to be doing in this life.  Over the past two weeks at New Story Church we’ve been walking through a series called Identity Theft where we are exploring our identity and purpose.

Several years ago I came across this interview with Tom Brady – the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the New England Patriots.  He made this comment – “why do I have three Super Bowl rings and feel like there is still something greater out there for me?  There’s got to be something more!

This is again another reminder of the fact that we were created with a unique purpose and plan to do great things in serving God and others.  So, that sparked me to write down some questions that help guide us toward understanding and accomplishing our purpose.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Purpose

1.  What am I passionate about?  

Growing up I was incredibly passionate about sports and growing a small business.  I started mowing lawns at a young age.  That mowing then turned into landscaping, tree care and even snow removal.  Well, wouldn’t you know it that our church needed help with those things.  Thankfully someone invited me in to help around the church and the impact of that service was exponentially bigger than any paycheck.  I also discovered that helping people who I worked for, especially older people, made a difference.  These passions grew into more than just a business, it propelled me into understanding my purpose.  So what are you passionate about?

2.  Who is in front of me?

When you ask the question – “Who is in front of me?” you are essentially taking the time to be aware of your surroundings and not miss the opportunities right in front of you.

So often we miss the present opportunity because we don’t like the packaging.

Who is currently in your sphere of influence?  Who is in your neighborhood that God has uniquely placed in front of you?  Who is at the next cubicle?  Once you know who is in front of you…pray for them.

3.  What can I do today?

For years I’ve wanted to accomplish great things.  I want to change the world and all that crazy stuff.  Maybe you too!  But as I grow older I’ve learned that you have to start today and stop looking for the silver bullet.  Andy Stanley, a pastor in Atlanta, Georgia once said:

Do for one what you want to do for everyone!

I love that because it reminds me that while I can’t change everything and I can’t help everyone, I can do something.  Start today!

I share all of this with you because I know that it is a struggle for me to understand God’s plans and my purpose.  However, I know that He has created us for incredible things. Maybe these questions can help us all!

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There Is Something More – Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Purpose!