Who Are You Listening To?

9.16.18 Title Slide

The people you listen to will affect your destination.  

The people that we do life with and listen to absolutely affect the directions and destinations of our lives.  Think about it, your parents have affected you more than you often realize. It’s the same with our friendships – both personal and online.  2 Chronicles 18 talks about a friendship between King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat. Although Jehoshaphat was deeply committed to God, he arranged for his son to marry Athaliah the daughter of the wicked King Ahab and he formed a military alliance with him.  This particular alliance had 3 devastating consequences: 1) Jehoshaphat came under God’s wrath (2 Chronicles 19:2); 2) When Athaliah became queen, she seized the throne and tried to kill all of David’s descendants (2 Chronicles 22:10-12); 3) She brought the worship of false Gods to Judah which eventually led to the nation’s downfall.  

Read 2 Chronicles 18

Who’s In Your Ear?

Who do you tend to run to and listen to in the situations of life?  

Have you asked yourself this question: “Where are their lives headed?”

What do you think about the answers to that question?  

Are You Listening?

Who do you need to stop listening to?

Who do you need to start listening to?

Who Are You Listening To?

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