I Believe

Recently I was listening to a sermon that talked about the subject of belief.  The opening of the message talked about how belief is one of the most powerful capacities that we as humans have.  I couldn’t agree more.  Think about it:

  • Optimists always outsell their smarter and more educated coworkers.  Why?  – Belief!
  • People solve problems that were previously thought unsolvable.  Why? – Because no one told them it was impossible.
  • Businesses are formed and take off – often not because of intelligence, but persistence and belief.

That got me thinking about how important belief is for people who are following Christ.  Jesus left us with a few instructions

  • Love God (ok we can do that)
  • Love other people (well that’s not so easy)
  • Tell others about Jesus (but that’s scary)

But here is my point.  Yes – loving unlovely people is hard, but you can!  You know why?  Because you’ve been loved like that, and you aren’t as lovely as you always think.  You need to BELIEVE that it is possible and just keep swimming (sorry, I have little kids).

Yes – building relationships and sharing Jesus can be scary, but you can!  You know why?  Because God will help you and someone shared with you.  You don’t have to be a pastor or missionary.  You don’t need a degree – you need to BELIEVE that God will use your sharing to write a new story and just keep sharing.

Now, here’s the part for me: I need to BELIEVE that God can and will use us to see changed lives, raise up leaders and plant other churches.  So…here I am, publicly pronouncing my BELIEF!  Won’t you trust and BELIEVE with me?

I Believe

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