Why You Won’t Win Unless You Are Honest With Yourself

The truth is…it’s a struggle for every single one of us.  Some people look like they have it all together.  Some people act like they don’t struggle.  Some people even believe that they are immune, but the reality is that everyone of us fights an inward battle that we will never win until we are honest.

What is it?

It is the battle with temptation.

Now, I realize that not everyone who reads this will acknowledge the idea of “sin” or temptation, but I think we can all acknowledge that it is possible for us to do things that hurt other people and vice versa.  For me that is the very definition of sin and sin starts with temptation.  Here’s what I know about temptation – it usually starts in our minds and we tend to hide the fact that we are struggling with it – and as long as we do, we aren’t going to win!  That’s a problem.

Temptation – it usually starts in our minds and we tend to hide the fact that we are struggling with it – and as long as we do, we aren’t going to win!

And in case you were wondering, the problem is bigger than we think – here’s why:

Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, habits lead to lifestyles, and lifestyle produces a legacy.

So what can we do?

In 1 Peter 4 – Peter tells us to arm ourselves with the attitude of Christ in the battle against sin.  Christ went to the cross with eyes wide open – knowing that it was going to be a great battle.  He was honest and open about not wanting to do it, but having a willingness to obey the Father.  That gives us a real key to fighting back against sin: honesty and humility.

What if we were honest about our struggles and knew that sharing that struggle wasn’t a pathway to condemnation but a doorway to restoration?  What if we were honest with ourselves, honest with God and honest with trusted friends about our private struggles?  What then?  Maybe we would win a few more battles.

What if we were humble enough to acknowledge that we need help?  I think that honesty and humility would begin to produce habits and lifestyles that would produce a different legacy.

So, start with being honest with God daily.  Then be honest with a trusted friend, and maybe we can grow in a way that will help us fight back against sin.

A final question for you all – is the way you are currently living going to produce the legacy you want to leave behind?  If not, why not honestly and humbly ask for help.

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Why You Won’t Win Unless You Are Honest With Yourself

Waiting On The World To Change

All of us are more than a little concerned with the major problems in our world today.

  • Sex Trafficking
  • Gun Violence
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Gender Inequality
  • Refugee Crises
  • Racial Divides
  • And much much more!


“It’s hard to make a difference when we’re standing at a distance.”  The words from the John Mayer song make a lot of sense – so much so that I started looking at what Jesus had to say around the major problems in our world.  That searching led me to share a talk with New Story Church called “Waiting On The World To Change”.  You can check it out here and if nothing else you should listen to the opening story and Jesus’ solution to the major problems in our world – big problems require doing something small.

If you want to move something big, do something small.

At the end of the talk I shared 3 different steps that you and I can take to move closer

  1. Start a friendship
  2. Get some education
  3. Share what you have

But how do we do something about those steps…that is what I want to address and I hope that you will choose something that you can do this week.

First – START A FRIENDSHIP.  Ok, that may sound easier than it actually is, but the reality is that you can start praying for the people around you who are different than you.  You can start praying that God would introduce you to someone who is different than you or you can simply be more intentional with someone you are already an acquaintance with.  The only thing is that it will require you and me being consistent and intentional.

The truth is – true friendship requires consistent investment!  

So, who can you start spending time with?  Maybe it means that you sit with the same people at your kids sporting events and eventually ask them to hang out.  Maybe you go to the same restaurant each week and start to talk with the same person.  It is as simple as that, but it is also as consistent as that.

Second – GET SOME EDUCATION.  What?  You mean go back to school?  No that’s not what I mean but there are lots of great groups helping with awareness here in Kansas City.  Let me address a few things that you can do to simply educate yourself under two major problems: Sex Trafficking and Racial Division.

Sex Trafficking

You might not think that sex trafficking is a big deal here in Kansas City…but you would be wrong.  Since we are so centrally located and we are a crossroads of sorts, the very real problem of trafficking is real here.  I highly recommend checking out these groups below to learn more about the problem and what we can do to move the needle a little.




Racial Division

There are so many resources that I could point you to and so many different people speaking on this particular issue that it would make anyone’s head spin.  However, there are two books that have recently impacted my thinking deeply.

One Blood by John M. Perkins and Divided By Faith by Michael D. Emerson and Christian Smith.

Get them and read them and then start building bridges by relationship.

Finally, SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE.  There is a real problem of poverty in our community – share when you can.  We don’t have to answer all the questions about why people are poor in order to care about them and help meet a need.  People matter!  Do something.  Open up your home to people who are different than you.  Share your time.  Each of these things are small steps towards a big problem – but remember IF YOU WANT TO MOVE SOMETHING BIG, DO SOMETHING SMALL.

Waiting On The World To Change