God’s Will “For Me”?

As a pastor I often have conversations with people about what is best for their lives and how to make decisions that will lead them in a good direction.  Personally, I don’t always enjoy this part of what I do as a pastor because there is always a bit of fear in me when these discussions roll around.  The fear is related to one very big idea that I personally hold.

I believe that God won’t lead you contrary to what His revealed word says.

Yes, I actually believe that and it’s rooted in one idea – God Never Changes!  So, if God never changes and He has already spoken on the subject of finances or sexuality, church involvement or even swearing, then yes – He will not lead you contrary to what His word (The Bible) already says.

Here is my point.  Increasingly – Christians are saying – I need to figure out what is right for me – and they are applying this idea to areas that God has already spoken on.  So, guess what: you don’t have to figure out what is right for you.  It’s already right in front of you, on your phone, in your Bible app.

Here is why the fear – this idea is putting me in an increasingly small group.  I know that!  But it’s okay, because God doesn’t change.  So, please, look to God’s word concerning the issues of “His Will”.  Most of the things we have questions about, He has already spoken on.

God’s Will “For Me”?