Problems, Fears and A Balanced Response

I’m not sure any of us have experienced anything like this before.  You would have to be living under a rock to avoid the enormous amounts of information and conversation about the Coronavirus in recent days.  Social media displays everything from fear, mockery and even legitimate suggestions.  Since we are all aware of it, I wanted to share a few thoughts:

Don’t stick your head in the sand.

There is a legitimate problem that is threatening many people.  Every individual matters and therefore when a person is sick, injured or dies, that is a terrible concern.  Yes there are many problems all around our world that place people in jeopardy, but this is another.  We shouldn’t ignore it and we shouldn’t ignore the concerns that others have.

Be a hope dealer.

If you are fearful, or if your neighbors/friends/family members are fearful – I hope that people won’t mock you.  Sadly, some of that is happening.  Christians – this should not be us.  Please don’t mock people who have fears.  Some fears are held by those who have preexisting conditions.  Some fears are there because of concern for loved ones.  Let’s acknowledge that there are fears and address that but not mock it.  In fact, when these fears come up, why not share the source of our hope – Jesus.  Encourage people.  Remind them that God sees them and cares.  Point them toward Jesus.

Handle your fears with wisdom and trust.

If you have fears – remember – we can take those fears to God and not be controlled by those fears (Philippians 4:6-7)  On the other hand – Christians, this isn’t just a trust thing.  It’s not like we can simply trust God and you won’t get sick.  You can pray about it.  You can ask God for protection but I don’t know how He will answer that prayer.  However, you can trust Him to work for your good and His glory.  You can trust that He will keep his promises to you no matter what.  I can trust that even if I grow sick and die, I have the hope of heaven.  We should use wisdom as well.  Take the normal precautionary measures.  Be wise about hygiene.  If you are sick – be wise.  Stay home.  If you are around people – don’t shake hands.  Use your elbow.  Wash your hands.  Use hand sanitizer.

Let’s help our city.

Christians, this is where we can excel.  Our world is afraid.  Please recognize this as an opportunity to point people toward Jesus.  He is why we have hope.  Our hope is found in something better than a life here where we never get sick.  Our hope is found in eternity.  Use these very real fears as a chance to talk about Jesus.

We can also excel by serving those around us.  Rather than hoarding – we should be ready to share with those in need.  The early church was not known for spreading fear and stockpiling for themselves.  The early church excelled because they were ready to help the needy and ready to share with others who were walking through difficulty.   If there are shortages – share.

How about you?  What opportunities do you see to help and encourage others with the abundance of fear around us?

Problems, Fears and A Balanced Response

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